How to increase IPhone battery health

“How to increase Iphone battery health?” is most common question of Iphone users. Today I created blog on it. Let me clear first we just can try to decrease battery health as slower as possible and increase battery life. We never can increase battery health so keep it a side. let focus on improving battery life and use it as long as.

increase battery health
Increase iphone battery health

Tips to improve battery life

Turn on auto-brightness instead of all time full brightness

As we all know all Iphones have retina display and its need a lot of power to run. So always use auto-brightness mode to use less batter and improve battery life. This is not just for improve Iphone battery life but also for your eyes. keeping 100% brightness also not good for our eyes. auto-brightness mode keeps suitable brightness for your eyes also system.

Remove phones back-cover during charging your Iphone

I noticed it a lot of time a lot of peoples use back-cover while Iphone is charging. But as per my research using back-cover while charging is not good. During charging phone’s battery produce a lot of heat and it is not good for your Iphone’s battery health. It can kill your batter health faster.

Keeping phone on charge for long time than need

As per one survey more than 75% of phone users keep their phone on charge after full charge. This can be most dangerous for you and your phone. This is common reason of phone blasting. It also drill your battery life.

Keep your Iphone in recommended temperature

I don’t know in deep about it but while researching I read it somewhere that keeeping your phone in very high or low temperature can be killer for your battery health. So I recommend you to avoid to keep your phone in sunlight and also near stove or fire.

Turn of wifi, bluetooth & Hotspot

Some Iphone users keep their wifi and bluetooth always on. They consume a lot of power also using them continuously can damage your battery health. So just turn them on only when you need it.

Keep low power mode on

Low power mode apply limits on background processes and make your Iphone stable. It saves your iphone battery. You should keep it on for long time use.

Avoid using phone while charging

Lot of peoples use phone while its charging but it not recommended to keep battery healthy. Phone while charging produce lot of heat and if you also use with it then Battery will damage rapidly. Also it can be reason of phone blast. So please avoid using phone while charging.

Keep updated

To keep your Iphone’s battery healthy, we recommend you to keep your Iphone updated to avoid battery damage. Also update your apps regularly. It also help to run Iphone smoothly.

Updating beta updates

Updating beta versions are not good for your Iphone. They are full of bugs. They are just under test. So please don’t update your Iphone to versions. They can be most harmful for you and your Iphone.

Using Iphone under 20% battery

List of tips for increasing Iphone battery health is incomplete without this point. If you use Iphone under 20% Then you never can improve iphones battery life. It effect directly on your iphone battery health. 
Thats all about How to increase iphone battery health.

To increase Iphone battery life you should follow tips given by me. I would like to suggest tips to increase instagram followers to know more just click here. By the way 50% users already loss their battery health percentage. I would like to recommend you to change battery if your battery health is bellow 80%. Otherwise if you have more problems then just contact to apple customer care.

Why need to increase iphone battery health

Iphones are most powerful phones and they need lot of power to give you best performance. You should take care of its battery to use it long life. and increase iphone batter health and life. You should increase iphone batter health for best performance for long than other iphone users.

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