How to become content writer in India

As we all know that the need of content writers is increasing day by day. And you too must have wondered at some point of time that why not we earn a lot of money by becoming a content writer. But you will be stuck if you do not get the right advice or guidance. Now leave everything on us, We explained everything about content writing in this blog.

Become Content writer in India

what is content writing

What is content writing

It is the information and experience given to the audience through publication, art and communication. This is definition of Content writing. I think content writing is not only depend on classes or anything like that. Actually it is one type of highly payable skill.

How to become content writer in India

According to me, content writing cannot be learned from anyone. It is an art just like a pottery can make a pot. But it is an art that everyone can learn by themselves and by reading books. You can say that you just have to improve it. For this you will get many free courses, With them you can become content writer in India.

I would suggest you, If you are going to purchase a course of “How to become content writer” then please purchase good one. Never go with cheap courses. Because in Market peoples creating a website and showing them as a grate teacher. They collecting videos and PDFs from google and YouTube and selling you in 199 to 299 RS. I would like to prefer free courses than cheaper courses. For good quality courses you can Purchase from Udemy.

How much money you can earn by content writing in India

How to earn money by content writing

The important point which everyone want to know and everyone working for it, ‘How much money can you earn by content writing in India?’ I am very happy to tell you there is no limit as par I told you in start, Content writing is highly payable skill. As par beginner you can earn RS 1000 to 15000 easily. I am telling for very basic level also you can say while learning . If you are professional Content writer in India then you can earn up to 70k to 100k Monthly. Yes I am not kidding. But you should Know how to earn moeny with content writing in India Also how to get hire as a content writer in India.

Ways to earn money as a content writer in India

There are lot of ways to earn money as a content writer in India. You can make 1000 to 15000 RS easily. You can writer unique articles for new blogger in good price with high quality to get more orders. You can get minimum 500 RS for unique article of 1000 words. If you are professional content writer then you can get big deal like getting some types of approvals on website or of bulk articles, Which can help you to make up to 20000 easily. 

Content writer are just not a article writers they also get offers of professional mail writing, Taglines writing, Slogan writing, Short story writing, Professional Poster content writing and Etc. Which are highly payable in minimum work. In market rate of 1 Professional mail is 350 Rs minimum. So you can guess how much money you can make with content writing.

Become professional content writer in India

I am telling you some tips to become professional content writer in India. If you follow then and do them frequently one you you will be professional content writer.

1. Do guest post on popular websites with credit

Doing guest post on popular websites improve your value, status and cost in market. Also automatically you improve your content quality. This can be great way to increase your brand value in free.

2. Create own authority blog

By creating own blog site you can get more perfectness in your work also you can earn a lot of money. You can earn money as content writer by paid promotion, Google Adsense and affilates marketing.

3. Join in groups available on facebook and whatsapp

If you join in the Groups available on facebook and whatsapp you can increase your reach and build community to teach new things to each others. It will also help you to get projects.

4. Start Taking part in all type of content writing compititions

By taking part in compititions you can see your lever also will know what changes you should do. It will help you to improve your skill quality


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